“Its 12:01 PM, July 4th 2023, the third anniversary of the Event, the day our world changed forever.”

“Who I am, is unimportant what I am speaking to you today is.”

“This day three years ago was an important day for those who lived in what was called the United States of America as it was the official day the whole country celebrated its birthday, the day was traditionally celebrated with fireworks, and barbecues in celebration, of the holiday.”

“The time, is also significant as that marks the specific time when it all began, I speak now of events I saw with my own eyes, I admit I got lucky to come out of it without damage, unfortunately most where not so lucky.

I had just gotten to my seat in what was called New Yankee Stadium to watch a 4th of July double header, between the New York Yankees and New York Mets, the first pitch called for a 12:01 start. The day started overcast but was supposed to clear up by the evening.

This would not be the case, as exactly at 12:01 Gerrit Cole threw the first pitch the clouds opened up in a torrential downpour then the wind quickly picked up, as everyone including myself where running for cover, a massive noise and a loud explosion picked me up and threw me against a group of people stunning me for a second, as I was finally starting to pick myself up all i could see where people running as dust and debris started to settle, I saw something even now I still cant believe and where the outfield and the outfield seats used to be I see a.. the best way to describe it was a bridge, and pouring off the bridge were strange beings, I at the time did not get great looks at them, all I remember is running like the rest."

“As I got out of the stadium, I was able to get a better look at things, and it definitely was a bridge, and coming across the bridge where strange dinosaurs, and lizard men and the best way i can describe them where half men, It took me a few minutes to gather my whits but in that time I saw these beings cross the bridge and start to slaughter everyone in sight. I started to run again, and I am glad I did because as I ran I saw my fellow New Yorker’s change, become bruits, cars sputter and die and all we could do is keep moving trying to stay ahead of what was coming, something no one could have imagined.”

“We continued to move, not stopping for long, eventually we did meet up with the National Guard, who kept us moving and fed, we where told to keep moving. as they where not stopping or going back for anyone. As we learned that anyone that was caught was either killed, or changed, technology stopped working. All we could do is keep moving, by the end of the second day we where somewhere on the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio, in a camp set up by the local National Guard. It was there that we learned that DC had fallen by the end of the first day. and that the President and Vice President and much of congress are missing presumed dead.”

“While in the unnamed camp, we learned that the seat of government has been moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and is operating out of Cheyenne mountain, and in the wake of the changes the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Tom Kirkman has been sworn in as President of the United States.”

“After a few days at this camp to rest and recoup, we were then transported to Wyoming, where all of us refugees would be taken. From there we where eventually allowed to move away from Wyoming to start our lives fresh.”

Torg Rise of the Storm Knights

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